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6 Hours Approx. Package includes: Visit and 6-hour tour of the City of Taxco de Alarcón, Guerrero.


4 Hours Approx. Package includes: Visit and 4-hour tour of the main buildings of the City of Cuernavaca.

Casa Resiu Nayaa:

2 hours Package includes: Guided tour of 2 hrs. Through the agave fields. Guided tour of the distillery. Mexican dishes. Special tasting of up to 4 mezcal: Aromas of Guerrero, Weber, Cupreata and Criollo


5 hours Package includes: Visit and tour of the town of Tepoztlán, Morelos. Ascent walk through the Tepozteco hill to visit the pyramid that worshiped Ometochtli Tepoztecátl, God of pulque, a place where you can see an impressive panorama.

Route Zapata:

4 hours Package includes: Visit the town of Anenecuilco, the place where General Emiliano Zapata Salazar (Museo Casa Zapata) was born on August 8, 1879. Later, we visit Tlaltizapán, a municipality where the former Zapata Barracks is located, which houses a museum with personal objects, a copy of the "Plan de Ayala", the room of General Zapata, as well as the clothes he wore on his death. Cuautla: Among its attractions is its old railway station where you can admire the steam engine. Finally, we visit the Ex Hacienda de Chinameca, where the Caudillo del Sur was assassinated.

Route Cacahuamilpa:

Package includes: Visit and tour of the National Park. Tour of the underground rivers. Guide who shares details and anecdotes during the tour.

Route Conventos:

Package includes: Former convent of the Nativity (Tepoztlán). Former convent of San Juan Bautista (Tlayacapan). Former convent of San Juan Bautista (Yecapixtla).



7 Horas
El paquete incluye:
  • La zona arqueológica está conformada por la Plaza Central,

  • La Malinche, donde se localizan 20 altares redondos

  • El Palacio y el Juego de Pelota Sur, la Plaza Principal.

If you need a special route for your excursion, contact us to get a quote.


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